2021 -2022 Academic Year Application Notice Of Foreign Students Acceptance For Bachelor's Degree (Undergraduate)

2021 -2022 ACADEMIC YEAR


Foreign national candidates who are in the final year of high school or who are graduated from a school equivalent to high school whose status is determined by the Council of Higher Education and are in compliance with the nationality and educational conditions of the Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education are eligible to apply directly to the undergraduate programs of Konya Food and Agriculture University.

The applications will be made in electronic form on the application page together with the following application documents at the announced application dates. All fields of the pre-application form must be filled in on the WEB page of our university. Pending application will be evaluated and candidates will be contacted. Click for the form

1- Foreigners,
2- Those who are Turkish Citizens at birth and who are allowed to leave the Turkish nationality from the Ministry of the Interior and their children who have documented that they have a Certificate of Use of the Recognized Rights under the Turkish Citizenship Law of Minors registered in the Turkish nationality (In Article 7 of Turkish Citizenship Law numbered 5901, it is stated that “(1) a child born in/out the borders of Turkey in a wedlock of a mother or father with Turkish Citizenship, is a citizen of Turkey”. Therefore, it will be helpful for the applicants -who will apply from abroad- to examine the Turkish Citizenship Law.),
3- Citizens acquired citizenship of Republic of Turkey after a foreign nationality,
4- a) Those who have completed secondary education in foreign countries before the date of 01.02.2013 in a foreign country except the TRNC (including those who complete the Turkish high schools in the foreign countries with the exception of the TRNC),
b) Those who have started secondary education abroad after 01.02.2013 and have completed secondary school (high school) in a foreign country except TRNC to the acceptance quota of foreign students, (including those who complete the secondary school (high school) in Turkish schools that have been opened in Ministry of Education in a foreign country other than TRNC),
5- Citizens of TRNC; Those who are residing in the TRNC and have GCEAL exam results by having completed secondary education (high school) in TRNC and those who have enrolled in college and high school in other countries between 2005-2010 and have got or have GCE AL exam results.

According to the ("Principles Regarding the Admission of Students from Abroad" Determined by the Higher Education Institution);

  1. Citizens of Turkey who completed all of their secondary education (high school) in Turkey or TRNC,
  2. Citizens of TRNC (except for those who have completed all of their secondary education (high school) in K.K.T.C high school and those who have GCE AL result and those who have enrolled in college and high school in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and have GCE AL exam results),
  3. Those with dual nationality whose first citizenship is Turkish as defined in section 2 of the “Who can apply?” (Except for those who have fulfilled the requirements of number 4, "Who can apply"),
  4. Those with dual nationality one of whose citizenship is TRNC (except for those who have completed the secondary school (high school) in the TRNC and who have GCE AL results and those who have enrolled and trained in college and high school in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and have GCE AL exam results,
  5. Those with Turkish Citizenship who received their education within the embassies of Turkey and at foreign high schools in Turkey or those with dual nationality whose first citizenship is Turkish as defined in section 2 of article a.

1- In languages other than Turkish or English, translations of originals must be submitted in addition to translations approved in Turkish or English.

  • High school diploma if graduated;
  • A note-taking certificate showing all the courses and grades received in high school,
  • The exam result certificate (Turkish and / or English language proficiency certificate) used for the application,
  • Photocopy of the page on the passport where the pictures and identification information are located,

 2- Additional documents requested by the university according to the characteristics of the applied undergraduate program are announced on the web page and these documents must be submitted during the final registration.

3- Applicants who can not provide the application conditions and who can not submit the necessary information and documents for the application in full within the deadline shall not be taken to the procedure. No changes or attachments can be made to the application information and documents after the application process is completed.

4- Candidates may be asked to verify the information and documents they have submitted during the application, or the University may investigate the accuracy of such information and documents. If the candidate is found to be irregular in his / her information and documents, the acceptance decision will be canceled even if the programa is accepted. Even if the student is enrolled in the university, the registration will be invalid.

5- Candidates may be invited for interview by the relevant unit if deemed necessary, as a result of the preliminary assessment to be made through the application information and documents. Interviews may be held on the campus of the University or may be conducted at the venue or method approved by the University.

1- Candidates who meet the requirements of the application are assessed by the International Relations Coordination Office. The application files of candidates who are found to be positive after this evaluation are presented to the relevant Faculty Dean.
2- The applications shall be evaluated by the election commission formed by the International Relations Office and the related Department Heads departments.

You must present one of the specified examinations or diplomas for your application to be assessed. Click for accepted exam / certificate / diploma list. 


Applications are made by selecting one of the following 3 programme groups. Students who successfully complete the joint program choose the degree programme they wish to graduate from among the current undergraduate programmes, within the framework of the specified conditions.


Medium of Instruction

The Total Quota (*)

Tuition Fee (**)


(***)Engineering Common Program



4.000 $ (USD)

Includes Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Food Engineering.

Interior Architecture



4.000 $ (USD)


(***)Economics and Administrative Common Program



4.000 $ (USD)

Includes Bachelor's Degree in Economics, International Trade and Business Administration, Management Information Systems

Psychology Turkish 25 4.000 $ (USD)


(***)Genetics and Life Sciences Common Program



4.000 $ (USD)

Includes Bachelor's Degree in Crop Production and Technology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics.

(*)Depending on the application to the programs, quota transfer between programmes shall be possible.
(**)VAT is included in the fee.
(***)In our university, the T-Shaped model is applied (after the common courses are taught in the first three semesters in the joint program of the relevant Faculty, students who meet the requirements in the 4th semester are given the opportunity to choose from the departments under the relevant program.
Note: The education-training period is 4 years, excluding the English preparatory year.



  1. It is necessary to certify the English Proficiency of the students in order to start the undergraduate programs of the university.
  2. Students are required to certify that they are successful with the examination results documents taken at the level determined by the Senate in the international examinations of which validity is determined by the Senate in terms of English proficiency and the validity period is determined.
  3. Those who submit a valid language document may start their undergraduate studies without taking the English proficiency test of the University.
  4. Students who cannot submit an internationally valid foreign language certificate are required to take the English Proficiency Test of the University and to score points at the level determined by the Senate.
  5. Students who fail to submit a document related to above mentioned examinations or fail them are obliged to continue to the English Preparatory School of the University.


  1. Students who are enrolled in programs of which medium of instruction is fully or partly Turkish are required to certify their proficiency in Turkish.
  2. Students who score B1 level or above B1 (intermediate) level of Turkish Proficiency exams taken from exam centres accredited by TÖMER or the Council of Higher Education may start their undergraduate studies.
  3. People who completed their secondary education in Turkish education institutions at least in the last three years are not required to submit Turkish Proficiency Certificate.

Candidates coming from abroad need to enter Turkey by taking "Student Visa" from the Turkish Republic Consulate in their country (or nearest) with an acceptance letter. Candidates themselves are responsible for carrying out all the processes and all the possible costs related to student visa.
Students, after completing the registration process for the university to take the latest permit for study purposes reside within one month from his date inflows to Turkey, students with a residence permit received from outside Konya are obliged to move the files to Konya; it is the responsibility of the students themselves to cover all the costs that may arise from these transactions.


1- Admitted applicants must register with the Student Affairs Department in person, with the documents announced by the University and within the specified dates.
2- During registration, candidates must submit the originals of the documents they have submitted for the application, the originals of the documents they have translated and the additional documents mentioned below:
a- The temporary graduation certificate if the original high school diploma is not taken because the primary or high school diploma has not been prepared yet,
b- The "Equivalence Document" to be obtained from the T.C Ministry of National Education indicating that the high school diploma is equivalent to the diploma from the Turkish High School,
c- The "Study Permitted Visa" of foreign applicants residing abroad  taken from the T.C Consular (or the nearest if not in the countries)”,
d- 2 passport size photos.
3- It is not possible to register by missing documents and mail. Candidates who do not have a precise record between the dates specified can not claim any rights.
4- Those who can not pay tuition fees within the announced period are not enrolled.
5- Any person who uses fraudulent or falsified documents for all documents necessary for final registration at every stage or who is found to have committed fraud on the entrance examination to the university shall be canceled and legal proceedings shall be initiated as of the registration date. If this person is separated from the University, all documents including his / her diploma are canceled. Tuition fees paid by these people are not refundable.
6- For students under the age of 18, the power of attorney (if not accompanied by a legal representative) will be processed.
7- Financial Commitment Certificate: Students need to document that their financial situation would be enough to maintain their higher education in Turkey.

In the campus of our university, there is a Student Guest House that provides accommodation in separate buildings for male and female students, and breakfast and lunch are free of charge for our students. In addition, 250 TL scholarships are given to our students during the academic year who they physically continue their education on our university campus.



24 May 2021 – 27 August 2021

Deadline for Submission of Originals of Requested Documents

6 September 2021

Announcement of Results

13 September 2021

Registration Date (Prior)

To be determined by HEI

English Efficiency Exam

27 – 28 September 2021

Beginning of the Education

4 October 2021

NOTE: Applications to more than one undergraduate program can not be made at the same time. After the online application is made, the approved copy of the application documents will be assessed in the application deadlines as they will be available at our university, if they are delivered in full or by mail / cargo as follows.

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