Our PLANTWAVE Team's "Detection Of Current Or Potential Diseases Based On Signals From Plants" Project Was Deemed Worthy Of Participating In The Final Stage Of The TEKNOFEST 2022 Agricultural Technologies Competition

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Ayşenur Sucu and Dilara Özdil from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Taha Türedi and Mehmet Bal from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Nurhan Yalçın and İlayda Bağcı from the Department of Plant Production and Technologies worked in the PLANTWAVE Team, under the supervision of Dr. Dilek Killi Haworth from our Plant Production and Technologies Department. The project named “Detection of Existing or Potential Diseases Based on Signals from Plants” received 84.33 points in the second stage evaluation. Thus, our team earned the right to participate in the final stage of the TEKNOFEST 2022 - Agricultural Technologies competition to be held in Ordu in July 2022. We congratulate our students and their advisors and wish them success in the TEKNOFEST 2022 finals.