About KFAU

As Konya Food and Agriculture University, our main objective is to train our students as individuals who are equipped with up-to-date knowledge, independent thinking, problem-solving skills, innovative, and have an interdisciplinary perspective. We are the first specialized university in the fields of food and agriculture in Turkey. With its research capacity in areas such as plant production, molecular biology and genetics, and agriculture and food technologies, it is among the leading universities. However, our research and educational opportunities are not limited to these areas. We offer highly developed undergraduate and postgraduate education opportunities in fields such as psychology, international trade, business management, architecture, software and computer science engineering, and have leading researchers and educators in these fields among our faculty.

Applied and experiential education is the most important educational mission of our university. Konya Şeker Inc. and Anadolu Birlik Holding which are founders of our university’s founding foundation The Scientific Research, Technology, Education, and Culture Foundation (BARTEK) and our other private sector partners provide our students with the opportunity to learn the workplace and gain real-world experience in the workplace. As a result, many of our students have also found employment opportunities in these companies after graduation. On the other hand, our research & application centers and our soil, food, and product analysis laboratories, which are pioneers in our region, contribute to our students' real-world experience with the help of our educators and researchers. We believe that real-life professional experience is as valuable as diplomas, and we consider providing education and practical opportunities in close collaboration with industry, together with the support of our career office, an important task in preparing our students for post-graduation.

As part of our integration mission with the international education and scientific community, our university collaborates with leading universities around the world, such as Michigan State University, Montana State University, Purdue University, UC Davis, and the University of Missouri in the fields of education, teaching, and research. Most of our undergraduate and graduate programs are conducted in English, and our English preparation program provides our students with the necessary English education at the international standard to benefit from opportunities provided by the European Union through Europass.

Our university is located in Konya, which is at the heart of Turkey and has wide interurban and international transportation opportunities. We operate on a peaceful and green campus in the city center. Konya, with its more than 130,000 university students, has considerably lower living costs compared to other major cities and has high-speed train, plane, bus, and highway connections to major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.

With our peaceful and tranquil campus located right in the heart of the city, yet far from the chaos of the city, sufficient accommodation options and scholarships and internship opportunities offered to our students, as well as scientific and artistic events and more than twenty student societies, we provide opportunities for our students to develop themselves professionally and socially in a peaceful and safe environment.

We would be pleased to see you as a part of KFAU.

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