Student Life

Socail Facilities

Our university's education building, library, dining hall, dormitories and sports halls are located within the green campus land. Although there are study laboratories according to the departments of our students on the floors of our faculty building, there are also 2 large R&D laboratories in 2 independent buildings where our university students can do their studies.

If you wish, we did sports in the fitness center in the faculty building, and then you can get food and drinks according to your preference in the cafeteria, which has a floor garden in the faculty building.
Our students; They also have a pleasant time in our gym, which has basketball, volleyball and billiards tables.

In fine weather, you can watch the teams on the open football field or participate in the matches.

You can chat with your friends under the large pine and plane trees in its environmentally friendly building and green campus.

If you wish, you can visit our greenhouse and experimental fields to get information about the work done in the smart greenhouse on campus.

Motivated by the colorful and dynamic structure of our library, you can do your private or exam studies in the glassed study rooms, or on the tables between the books.

On sunny days between lessons, you can refresh yourself by walking on the green walking area.

You can have your lunch in the cafeteria with your student card.


In our dormitories, you can also find accommodation in single, triple and 5-person rooms.

Within the campus of our university, we have student guest houses with a total capacity of 200 students, consisting of single, triple and five-person rooms in 2 separate blocks for our female and male students.

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