Required Documents

Documents for Official Registration Post Admission

1- Admitted applicants must register with the Student Affairs Department in person, with the documents announced by the University and within the specified dates..

2- During registration, candidates must submit the originals of the documents they have submitted for the application, the originals of the documents they have translated and the additional documents mentioned below:

a- The temporary graduation certificate if the original high school diploma is not taken because the primary or high school diploma has not been prepared yet,,

b- The "Equivalence Document" to be obtained from the T.C Ministry of National Education indicating that the high school diploma is equivalent to the diploma from the Turkish High School,,

c- The "Study Permitted Visa" of foreign applicants residing abroad  taken from the T.C Consular (or the nearest if not in the countries)”,

d- 2 passport size photos.

3- It is not possible to register by missing documents and mail. Candidates who do not have a precise record between the dates specified can not claim any rights.

4- Those who can not pay tuition fees within the announced period are not enrolled..

5- Any person who uses fraudulent or falsified documents for all documents necessary for final registration at every stage or who is found to have committed fraud on the entrance examination to the university shall be canceled and legal proceedings shall be initiated as of the registration date. If this person is separated from the University, all documents including his / her diploma are canceled. Tuition fees paid by these people are not refundable.

6- For students under the age of 18, the power of attorney (if not accompanied by a legal representative) will be processed..

Financial Commitment Certificate: Students need to document that their financial situation would be enough to maintain their higher education in Turkey. 

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