Why study in KFAU?

# We are Turkey's first university specialized in food and agriculture. However, we also offer high-quality education in computer and software engineering, psychology, business, management-information, and other fields.

# We have a faculty of teaching staff with international experience and excellent research expertise, focused on developing students' professional skills.

# We have a strong research infrastructure with research centers and accredited laboratories that are pioneers in the region.

# Most of our undergraduate and graduate programs are conducted in English. We offer excellent English language education and preparatory class opportunities that are valid throughout the European Union.

# Konya Şeker Inc. and Anadolu Birlik Holding, two of Turkey's largest companies, are the founders of our university's foundation and always support our students with experience-based education in workplace, scholarships, and job opportunities.

# Our university is located in Konya, one of Turkey's most peaceful cities. Located in the heart of Turkey, Konya has relatively affordable living costs compared to other major cities and easy access to major cities like Ankara and Istanbul.

# We offer our students adequate accommodation options, a rich campus life with social, scientific, and artistic activities, located in the city center but away from the chaos of the city.

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