Language Proficiency For English and Türkçe Programs


1- It is necessary to certify the English Proficiency of the students in order to start the undergraduate programs of the university.

2- Students are required to certify that they are successful with the examination results documents taken at the level determined by the Senate in the international examinations of which validity is determined by the Senate in terms of English proficiency and the validity period is determined.

3- Those who submit a valid language document may start their undergraduate studies without taking the English proficiency test of the University.

4- Students who cannot submit an internationally valid foreign language certificate are required to take the English Proficiency Test of the University and to score points at the level determined by the Senate.

5- Students who fail to submit a document related to above mentioned examinations or fail them are obliged to continue to the English Preparatory School of the University.



1- Students who are enrolled in programs of which medium of instruction is fully or partly Turkish are required to certify their proficiency in Turkish.

2- Students who score B1 level or above B1 (intermediate) level of Turkish Proficiency exams taken from exam centres accredited by TÖMER or the Council of Higher Education may start their undergraduate studies.

3- People who completed their secondary education in Turkish education institutions at least in the last three years are not required to submit Turkish Proficiency Certificate.


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