The Library of Konya Food and Agriculture University, which is designed as an international research and specialization university, is structured using the latest technologies of the day in accordance with the purpose, mission and vision of our university.

It aims to produce quality information services within the framework of innovative, rational and academic ethical rules, and to be a dynamic library at national and regional level by using individual and institutional cooperation and communication channels effectively.

The library, by using different kinds of information resources (printed and electronic books, journals, online databases) to support the education, training, research and social activities of our university, is a place where the user groups (student, administrative and academic staff and all stakeholders of the university) will support the lifelong learning activities of its users by producing quality information services and providing the necessary environment, taking into account the scientific, academic and intellectual needs that change over time.

Our University's Library, which has the distinction of being the first specialized university in its sector in our country, aims to be a reference center for our country in this regard in accordance with this feature.

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