Molecular Biology And Genetics Department Student Dila Nur Çakal's Project Succeeded In Receiving Support Within The Scope Of TÜBİTAK 2209/A Program

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Dila Nur Çakal, an undergraduate student in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and her project " The effects of planting summer rapeseed (Brassica Napus L.) at different sowing times, both in winter and summer, on oil quality and oleic acid-related Fad2 gene expression level", which she presented to TÜBİTAK under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağla Sönmez, was among the projects supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK 2209/A University Students Research Projects Support Programme. We congratulate our student and his advisor and wish him continued success.