Our DMT INFORMATIC Team has taken the next step in TEKNOFEST 2022 with its Projects on Bioinformatics Analysis of Outputs Obtained from Sequencing Platforms.

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Our DMT INFORMATICS Team, consisting of our Molecular Biology and Genetics Department students Dila Nur Çakal and Mevlüt Köz and our Bioengineering Department student Mehmet Tevfik Kara, qualified to move to the next stage at TEKNOFEST 2022 with their project on bioinformatic analysis of the outputs obtained from the next generation sequencing platforms. Our students' project aims to visualize DNA sequences faster and more accurately with an artificial intelligence-based approach in metagenomic data analysis, which is used in the identification of microorganisms in many fields, especially health. In the last decade, with the rapid developments in new generation DNA sequencing technologies, metagenomic approaches have become routine in medical microbiology laboratories, especially in the diagnosis of pathogenic or contaminant microorganisms. In the first step of the two-stage process, sequencing is performed after either direct or targeted amplification of the isolated DNA fragments from the sample, regardless of culture. In the second stage, the detection of the microorganism to which these DNA sequences belong is carried out with package algorithms using different sequence alignment algorithms. In the final stage, it may exceed the memory capacity of a standard computer, depending on the size of the data or the size of the database used. The aim of this project is to perform bioinformatic analysis of the outputs obtained from next-generation DNA sequencing platforms faster and more accurately than standard computers using a different artificial intelligence approach based on the visualization algorithm created by our students. We congratulate our students and wish them continued success.